Planning & Monitoring Sustainability

The Planning and Monitoring Section is responsible for air quality planning to guide local emission reduction efforts and to demonstrate how these efforts satisfy state and federal planning requirements, and evaluation of land use projects with respect to their impact on air quality and public health.


Air quality planning efforts, along with determining successful state and local emission control measures, is guided by the air monitors that measure ambient air quality in the District. In sync with District sustainable goals, the District has identified the following strategies to achieve sustainable practices. The Planning and Monitoring Sustainable Target Goals: The Planning and Monitoring Section strives to improve the air quality in the Placer County and surrounding regions.

  • Improve the air quality in the Placer County Region by obtaining Ambient Air Quality Standards for public health
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) Emissions by monitoring facilities and verifying compliance in order to meet AB32 goals
  • Reduce particulate matter and improve outdoor air quality from wood burning appliances
  • Reduce criteria air pollutants from mobile sources and other non-regulated sources
  • Fund projects that cost-effectively achieve nitrogen oxide (NOx), reactive organic gas (ROG), and diesel particulate matter (DPM) emission reductions from on and off road motor vehicles, area wide and stationary sources that are not required by law to reduce their emissions
  • Assist the six county Sacramento Federal Ozone Non-attainment Areas in attaining health based ambient air quality standards
  • Assist the Sacramento Federal Ozone Non-attainment Area in meeting transportation conformity determinations required by the Clean Air Act

The Planning & Monitoring Sustainable Current Strategy Progress

  • Clean Air Grants (CAG)
  • Develop emission inventories and rules for adoption
  • Develop Regional Planning Documents to Attain Federal and State Ambient Air Quality Standards
  • Ensure Compliance with Air Quality Plans and Federal Conformity
  • Land Use Planning and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Monitoring
  • Point of Sale/Transfer Requirements for Free-Standing Wood Stoves
  • Rail Yard Study
  • Wood Stove Incentives