Foresthill Transfer Station Upgrade Project

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Project Description

The public tipping area at the Foresthill Transfer Station (FHTS) was constructed in 1984 and provides solid waste disposal services to approximately 6,000 Placer County residents in the Foresthill area. The public tipping area consists of four bays for tipping mixed garbage, two bays for tipping green waste, and other bins for electronic waste, appliances, metal, and tire disposal. Improvements will include new paving, retaining wall, fencing, drainage facilities, and relocation of the attendant booth with the goal of improving the public turn around area to relieve traffic congestion. In addition, this work will improve the quality of stormwater discharged from the FHTS.

Project Location

The FHTS is located at the end of Patent Road in Foresthill.

What to Expect

  • Construction hours from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m, weekdays
  • Large trucks and construction equipment at FHTS
  • Possible increase in wait time
  • Uneven driving surfaces at FHTS

Project Benefits

  • Improved traffic flow, especially for trailers and longer vehicles
  • Improved stormwater quality to comply with State permitting requirements

Point of Contact

Project Schedule

  • Mid-August 2012 to Early September 2012:
    • Mobilization onto site
    • Surveying and layout of improvements
    • Site preparation
  • September 2012 to October 2012:
    • Complete site preparation
    • Begin block wall
    • Install electrical and storm drain system
  • October 2012 to November 2012:
    • Complete block wall
    • Install aggregate base and concrete
    • Begin AC paving upper and lower levels
  • November 2012 to December 2012:
    • Complete AC paving
    • Install AC dike
    • Fencing and gate
    • Complete project