Enterprise Support Services

The Information Technology Enterprise Support Services Group consisting of website, business process automation, and application development and support project teams is led by Luyen Le, Information Technology Manager. The group is instrumental in supporting countywide as well as departmental business solutions that align with business unit goals. The group supports the following areas:


The Web team is responsible for the County’s public and internal websites. The County’s public site continues to evolve by offering online services to engage, interact, and otherwise benefit citizens. County internal sites engage employees, increasing communication and productivity through information sharing and collaboration. The following areas fall under the Web Team’s support:

  • County's Public Websites
  • County's Employee Engagement Website
  • Chatbot Voice Recognition Platform
  • Departmental Solutions Requiring Web Enablement
  • Content Web Management System (WCMS) Support and Training
  • ADA Compliance
  • Website Analytics and Metrics

Business Process Automation

The following areas fall under the Business Process Automation Team’s support:

  • Consultation and analysis for business process automation efforts
  • Alignment of people, process, and content across business transactions
  • Dashboards and Reports to monitor process flows
  • Process Analytics and metrices for continuous process improvement

Application Development, Maintenance and Support

  • Support of numerous applications, including upgrades and security patches.
  • Agile Application Development
  • Vendor and contract management
  • Application interfaces, dashboards, and reports