Monthly Project Updates

November 2015

Contractor will complete the new block wall and new tipping wall, pour the slab on the upper deck, perform finished grading, and install aggregate base and pave upper deck and entrance road.

October 2015

Contractor will finalize demolition of old elements. Construction this month will include:

  • Backfilling and compaction behind retaining wall
  • Construction of block wall
  • Construction of concrete slabs
  • Finishing construction of retaining wall
  • Starting construction of tipping wall

September 2015

Contractor will continue to demolish old elements of the Transfer Station this month and begin constructing some of the improvements, including installing a new pad and block retaining wall, excavation for forming larger retaining walls, and installation of utilities.

August 2015

Contractor will mobilize equipment to the site at the end of the month, install required stormwater control measure, and begin site preparation including surveying and staking the site, clearing select trees, stumps and concrete, and removing and installing a new gate.

July 2015

County issued Notice to Proceed and began submittal process. Construction expected to begin mid-July.

June 2015

Construction Contract executed with All-American Construction, Inc. from Yuba City, California.

May 2015

The County issued a Request for Proposals for Construction Quality Assurance Services and began drafting construction contract.

April 2015 

Placer County developed the construction contract in April 2015.