Example of Records Available to the Public

The following records are available to the public:

  • All air or other pollution monitoring data, including data compiled from stationary sources (Government Code Section 6254.7(b)).
  • All information, analyses, plans, or specifications that disclose the nature, extent, quantity, or degree of air contaminants or other pollution, which any article, machine, equipment, or other contrivance will produce, which any air pollution control district or any other state or local agency or district requires any applicant to provide before the applicant builds, erects, alters, replaces, operates, sells, rents, or uses such article, machine, equipment, or other contrivance, unless the information is exempt from disclosure by express provision of law (Government Code Section 6254.7(a) and (d)).
  • All air pollution emission data, including those emission data which constitute trade secrets as defined in Government Code Section 6254.7(d). Data used to calculate emission data are not emission data for the purposes of these guidelines, and data which constitute trade secrets and that are used to calculate emission data are not public records and are not available to the public (Government Code Section 6254.7(e)).
  • Permits to operate, permits to construct, permit application forms, supplemental applications to forms, potential to emit reports, health risk assessments, site inspection reports, source test reports, asbestos records, emission reduction credit certificates, new source review balances, and notices of violation. (The inspector’s report and other investigatory material may be withheld until a settlement agreement is reached or the case is concluded).
  • Data used to calculate the costs of obtaining emission offsets are not public records. If the District issues a permit to construct to an applicant who is required to obtain offsets pursuant to District rules and regulations, the following data are public records: the year the offset transaction occurred; the amount of offsets purchased by pollutant, and the cost of the offsets purchased by pollutant. If the application is denied, the data shall not be a public record (Government Code Section 6254.7(f)).
  • District employment contracts (Government Code Section 6254.8).