Various Veteran Benefits

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Waiver Application - BOE-261-G 2013 Claim for Disabled Veteran’s Property Tax

The disabled veterans’ property tax exemption (PDF) provides for the cancellation or refund of taxes paid:

  • When property becomes eligible after the lien date (new acquisition or occupancy of a previously owned property)
  • Upon a veteran’s disability rating or death

This further provides for the termination of the exemption on the date of sale or transfer of a property to a third party who is not eligible for the exemption or on the date a person previously eligible for the exemption becomes ineligible.

State Park Pass Information - DPR 619

Honorably discharged war veterans who are residents of California with an overall/combined rating at 50% or greater service-connected disability, or were held as prisoners of war by forces hostile to the United States, or recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor are eligible to receive the Distinguished Veteran Pass (formerly Disabled War Veteran/Prisoner of War Pass). Download the Distinguished Veteran Pass Application.