Lincoln School Tripper

The Lincoln School Tripper will begin service on August 19, 2021.

Placer County Transit, in partnership with the City of Lincoln, is operating a special bus to serve bus stops nearby Lincoln schools to supplement the regular bus route. The schedule operates on school days only and will be open to the general public. Senior(over 60)/Youth (6-12), or Disabled fare is $.60 per boarding.  Regular basic fare is $1.25 per boarding. This begins August 19, for the 2021 to 2022 school year.

Route Details


Stop LocationTime
Nicholas and Joiner7:19 AM
Foskett Park6:55 AM
Venture at Lakeside6:57 AM 
Lakeside Dr and Cobblestone Dr6:59 AM 
Lakeside at St Andrews7:00 AM 
7th and F Street7:27 AM 
1st St Before I Street7:08 AM 
1st St After L St7:09 AM 
1St After O St7:10 AM 
R St After Shamrock Ct7:11 AM 
3rd St Before P St (Lincoln Senior Apts)7:12 AM 
5th Street After O Street 7:16 AM 
5th St After 14th Alley7:18 AM 
J St Before 6th St7:19 AM 
7th St after J St7:20 AM 
7th St After F St7:22 AM 
7th St After C St7:23 AM 
12th St Before East Ave7:26 AM 
East Ave Before 6th St7:29 AM 
McBean Park Dr Before A St7:30 AM 
McBean Park Dr After E St7:31 AM 
3rd St at F St Walmart7:32 AM 
1st St After F St7:33 AM 
Ferrari Ranch Rd After Lincoln Blvd7:38 AM 
Ferrari Ranch Rd After Danbury Dr7:39 AM 
Ferrari Ranch Rd After Groveland7:41 AM 
Ferrari Ranch Rd Before Sorrento Pkwy7:43 AM 
Ferrari Ranch at W Calidon Dr7:44 AM 
Ferrari Ranch at E Calidon Dr7:45 AM 
Twelve Bridges High School at Twelve Bridges Library7:50 AM 
Twelve Bridges Middle School (Wilson Park)7:55 AM 
Kaiser Lincoln Entrance8:00 AM 


Stop LocationMondaysTuesday  through Friday
Twelve Bridges Middle School at Wilson Park
2:00 PM3:00 PM
Twelve Bridges High School at Twelve Bridges Library2:10 PM
3:10 PM
Kaiser Lincoln South Entrance2:15 PM
3:15 PM
Sterling Pkwy before E Joiner Pkwy (Subway)2:19 PM
3:19 PM
Ferrari Ranch after Groveland Ln2:22 PM
3:22 PM
Ferrari Ranch Rd  before Sorrento Pkwy

Ferrari Ranch Rd after W Caledon Cir
2:24 PM
3:24 PM
Ferrari Ranch Rd after E Caledon Cir

Ferrari Ranch Rd after Groveland Ln2:26 PM
3:26 PM
Ferrari Ranch Rd after Kensington Ln

Lincoln Blvd after Ferrari Ranch Rd2:29 PM
3:29 PM
Lincoln Blvd before 1st St (Auto Zone)

3rd St and F St2:33 PM
3:33 PM
1st St after F St2:34 PM
3:34 PM
1st St before I st

1st St before L St

1st St after O St

R St after Shamrock Ct2:37 PM
3:37 PM
3rd St before P St (Lincoln Senior Apartments)2:38 PM
3:38 PM
5th St after O St

5th St after 14th Alley

J St before  6th St

7th St after J St2:44 PM
3:44 PM
Joiner Pkwy after Nicolaus Rd2:52 PM
3:52 PM
Foskett Ranch School2:54 PM
3:54 PM
Lakeside Dr and Venture Dr2:56 PM
3:56 PM
Lakeside Dr and Floradale Wy / Cobblestone Dr2:58 PM
3:58 PM
Lakeside Dr before St Andrews2:59 PM
3:59 PM
7th St after C St
3:07 PM4:07 PM
12th St before East Ave3:10 PM
4:10 PM
East Ave before  6th St3:13 PM
4:13 PM
McBean Park Dr before A St (Food Mart)3:14 PM
4:14 PM
McBean Park Dr after E St

3rd and Ft St (Walmart)3:16 PM
4:16 PM

Contact Information

Placer County Transit
Phone: 916-784-6177
Email Placer County Transit