Auburn Jail Lift Station Improvements Project

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Project Description

Placer County will be renovating the Auburn Jail Lift Station (LS) to meet current County design standards, along with local, state and federal regulations, and to provide a reliable LS to accommodate the unique wastewater characteristics coming from the jail. The existing LS was constructed in 1985 and many of its elements are reaching the end of their life cycle. Although the footprint will be roughly double the size of the existing facility there will be no expansion of use.

The increased storage capacity is necessary to meet more stringent County standards and the improved facility will resemble the layout of the existing facility. Construction will include installation of a new tie-in manhole over the existing gravity flow line, grinder vault, diversion manhole, wet well, valve and flow-meter vaults, a sewer force-main tie-in, emergency storage tanks, and a new utility operations and control building. Temporary bypassing will be implemented to ensure no service interruption.

Notice of Exemption

A Notice Of Exemption (PDF) was prepared for this project.

Project Location

The Auburn Jail Lift Station is located on Atwood Road, west of Richardson Drive.

Project Schedule

Construction is expected to begin in mid-January 2015.

What to Expect

  • Large trucks will be entering Atwood Road occasionally. No traffic delays are expected.
  • On-site work will take place Monday through Saturday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Point of Contact

  • Mike Barrett, Project Manager
  • Phone: 530-886-4941

Project Funding

The estimated cost for the Project is $1,085,000, which includes a 10% contingency. Funding will be provided by the County’s Capital Projects Fund.