Book & Release

Process When a Youth Is Arrested & Taken to Juvenile Detention Facility


  1. Crime is reported to law enforcement.
  2. Law enforcement will conduct an investigation.
  3. Youth is physically detained and searched.
  4. Youth is detained at the Placer County Juvenile Detention Facility.
  5. Youth can be released to a parent/guardian on a Promise to Appear for a future court hearing, or may be detained in custody pending a Detention Hearing.

Detention Requirements at Booking

The Intake Office will make a decision to detain or release based on the following:

  • Youth is beyond the parents’ control.
  • Youth does not have the necessities of life or the home is unfit.
  • Youth is likely to flee the Courts jurisdiction.
  • Youth has violated an order of the Court. For the protection of the youth or person and/or property of another.
  • Youth has a warrant.

Considerations by Probation at Booking

Mark Eger

  • Active Juvenile Probation
  • Past criminal arrest record
  • Seriousness of the crime
  • Wants/Warrants from other states or counties

Parents Responsibilities at Release

  • Parents/legal guardians must have government issued photo identification to pick up a youth when released.
  • If the youth is released with a Promise to Appear, parents/legal guardians will be notified of the court date and time.

Juvenile Detention Facility Booking Process

All youth are:

  • Fingerprinted
  • Given an opportunity to call a parent/guardian, employer, and attorney
  • Issued clothing, bedding and hygiene products
  • Medically screened
  • Searched for contraband

Juvenile Detention Facility Security

The Juvenile Detention Facility provides a safe and secure detention for Youth. Juveniles in custody can be there for a number of reasons:

  • Are a danger to themselves, their family, or the community
  • Awaiting placement
  • Pending court
  • Serving a commitment