Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer applicant, you will be asked to:

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Orientation & Training

The handbook (PDF), along with the orientation and training classes, will enhance your experience as you become a successful and valued member of our team. We also offer continued education and training through the course of your volunteer service to help us improve the adoptability of the animals and success of volunteers.

During your orientation, we will answer questions about becoming a volunteer and provide further explanation about the information in the PCAS volunteer handbook. We will provide training for proper animal handling and shelter operations and explain the necessary and available training classes. Please read the PCAS volunteer handbook (PDF) before attending the orientation class to help you get a head start on volunteering. After submitting your volunteer application, you will receive an invitation email to New Volunteer Orientation.

Volunteer Services

We have many ways you can help our animals as a volunteer for PCAS, including:

  • Assisting in the Veterinary Clinic
  • Assisting Shelter Staff with the Care and Wellbeing of Animals
  • Clerical and/or Marketing Support
  • Exercising Animals
  • Grooming and Bathing Animals
  • Helping with the Organization of off-Site Adoption Events
  • Helping with Photos and Bios of Adoptable Animals
  • Meet and Greets/Adoption Support
  • Socializing and Training Animals

Goals of the Volunteer Program

  • To provide volunteers a means to support PCAS and its animals in the way they feel most comfortable, through direct services (including exercising and socializing with dogs and cats) or indirect services (including animal adoptions, clerical, shelter support, etc.).
  • To ensure that each volunteer has adequate knowledge and standardized skills to make positive experiences for our animals, volunteers, staff, and community.
  • To provide a framework of policies, procedures, and standards for the training of volunteers.

Objectives & Expectations of Volunteers

  • To support PCAS programs and services
  • To help with the care and socialization of animals and assist with placing them in appropriate homes
  • To develop skills and knowledge to assist with the humane and ethical treatment of animals
  • To abide by the policies and procedures of PCAS and to support a positive image of PCAS to the public

What Volunteers Can Expect from PCAS

  • To be treated fairly with consideration and respect and to be given appreciation and encouragement of your work.
  • To have the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions openly and honestly.
  • To participate in orientation and trainings to gain knowledge of PCAS programs, services, and the care and welfare of animals.

To join the volunteer program, please submit the online Volunteer Application. You will then receive an email invitation to the next available monthly New Volunteer Orientation.