Value Notice - P8 Review - INC/DEC/UNCHG

A. Mailing Address

This is the mailing address for the property described below. If you need your tax bill sent to a different address, please complete and return a Change of Mailing Address form.

B. APN & Property Location

This section identifies your property by the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) and Property Location. The APN (PDF) is a unique number used by the Assessor to identify property for assessment tax purposes. Property Location refers to the physical address of the property.

C. Notice of Your 2018 to 2019 Taxable Value

The Assessor sends a “Notification of Assessed Value” to property owners in Placer County each July. This provides the property owner an opportunity to review the value and contact the contact the Assessor if they have concerns. Your tax bill is based on this amount.

2018 P8 Review Value Notice Letter Sample (PDF)

D. Your Assessed Value as of January 1, 2018

Your 2018-19 tax bill is based on the Assessed Value of your property as of January 1, 2018. This is the date when property taxes become a “lien” on property for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

E. Exemptions

There are a variety of options available for lowering your property taxes. Please review our Lower My Taxes page for more information.

F. Taxable Value

Your taxable value is the assessed value of your property less property tax exemptions. Your tax bill is based on this amount.

G. Value Review

This section provides information on what you may do if you disagree with the taxable value. Please review the information on our Value Review Program page for more information.