Our Offices

Online Crime Report

The Placer County Sherriff's Office recognizes that we can best serve our community by providing more than one option to file a crime report. This link allows you to complete an online report for certain low level property crimes. If this is an emergency, do not use this link. Contact 9-1-1 immediately.Online Crime Report

Commendation and Complaint Forms

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to customer service and we are a servants to our community. This link will allow you to provide feedback concerning one or more of our employees who you believe are worthy of recognition.  

We take all complaints or recommendations concerning our staff seriously. If you have a customer service complaint or recommendation concerning one or more of our employees, please use this link to provide your feedback. An agency supervisor will be in touch with you in three to five business days.Online Complaint Form

General Sheriff Contact Information

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office strives to be responsive to our community. If you have a general question concerning our service model or you are looking for general direction on a unit or division, please Email the Sheriff's Office. An agency representative will be back in touch with you in three to five business days.

  • Sheriff's Office
    Phone: 530-889-7800
    Email the Sheriff's Office 
  • Backgrounds
    Email the Backgrounds Office
  • Civil Division
    Phone: 530-889-7885
  • Community Service Programs
    Phone: 530-889-6922 or 916-652-2419
  • Coroner Division
    Phone: 530-889-7878
  • Corrections (County Jail)
    Phone: 530-745-8500
  • Crime Analysis
    Phone: 530-889-7871
  • Evidence
    Phone: 530-889-7840
  • Facilities/Buildings
    Phone: 530-889-6962
  • Fiscal Management
    Phone: 530-889-6992
  • Government Reutilization
    Phone: 530-889-7802
  • Investigations
    Phone: 530-889-7830
  • Non-Emergency Dispatch
    Phone: 530-886-5375
  • Patrol (Field Operations)
    Phone: 530-889-7820
  • Receptionist / General Information
    Phone: 530-889-7800
  • Records
    Phone: 530-889-7812
  • Reserves
    Phone: 530-889-7814
  • Search and Rescue
    Phone: 530-889-7846
  • Sheriff Human Resources
    Email Sheriff's Human Resources
  • Sheriff Concealed Weapon Permits
    Email Concealed Weapon Permits
  • Training
    Phone: 530-889-7838
  • Vehicle Maintenance
    Phone: 530-889-7865