Sheridan Water Supply Improvement Project

Sheridan Water Project Vicinity Map 2013 Opens in new window

Project Description

Placer County has constructed a new well, storage tank, pump station, and distribution piping to improve the water supply and storage capacity of Sheridan's existing water supply system, to ensure the community has sufficient water supply and storage capacity to meet current California Waterworks Standards and State fire flow requirements for the school. The project was completed in March 2014.

Project Location

The new well, storage tank, and pump station have been installed on the 0.45 acre County-owned parcel located west of Stewart Hall and the Sheridan Community Park. Pipeline has been installed from the new well, through easements on private property to 10th Street, and continues south on 10th Street to H Street, per the project map.

Project Funding

The Project cost was $2,536,400. The project was funded in part through grants from the California Department of Housing and Community Development-Community Development Block Grant Program and U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Services.

Funding Sources

  • Community Development Block Grant: $453,600
  • General Fund: $456,800
  • Inter-District Loan: up to $925,000
  • USDA Rural Utilities Service Grant: $699,800