Drug Court Program


The Drug Court program is unique in that it offers a team approach to help individuals with drug addictions complete treatment, jail sentences, and help restore their lives. Upon conviction of a felony charge, if probation and the court permit, you may apply for the Drug Court program as an alternative to serving your entire sentence in jail. Upon successful completion of a 9 to 18 month program, your sentence will be satisfied. This may also result in modification of others terms of probation.

How It Works

Applicants are assessed and once accepted into the program you will be assisted with obtaining an appropriate level of treatment and other services. Drug court is not easy and you should expect to be held accountable by the Drug Court judge for meeting your obligations to the court, community, yourself, and your family. Participants are regularly and randomly tested for drug use. You will be required to appear in court frequently so that the judge may review your progress and reward compliance or sanction negative behavior.


You may apply if you:

  • Are an adult (18 and over)
  • Do not have a history of serious and/or violent offenses
  • Have at least a 90-day jail sentence to serve
  • Have been convicted of a felony charge
  • Live in Placer County
  • Want treatment for substance abuse issues

Applications may be obtained from and submitted to the Placer County Probation Department.