Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

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Volunteer Program

The volunteer program is a means of helping offenders in the Placer County Juvenile Institutions, as well as adult and juveniles on probation. The program adds a new dimension to the institutions and to the Probation Department such as:

  • Arts
  • Companionship
  • Games
  • Hobbies
  • Language
  • Nature studies
  • Recreation
  • Stories
  • Teaching

Benefits for Juveniles

The volunteer program provides companionship and guidance for juveniles. Many people in the community possess talents and life experiences which would be of great benefit to juvenile offenders. The volunteer program is two-fold: the Probation Department can provide services and support that it would not normally be able to provide, and the volunteers feel they are providing a valuable community service.

The volunteer program plays a crucial role in providing juvenile offenders with a positive self-image that enhances their productivity during their institutional stay. More importantly, the volunteers provide the youths with a positive role model, a surrogate family member, and a positive relationship with an adult.

Other Volunteer Duties

Volunteers in probation may perform clerical tasks and help expedite cases through the juvenile and adult court system. They may also act as assistants to probation officers, helping to manage ever increasing caseloads.

Apply for the Program

Probation Department Volunteer/Student Programs Manual and Application Form (PDF)