Youth In Probation

  1. We Are Teens Always Helping
  2. Citation Hearing
  3. Informal Probation
  4. Formal Probation
  5. Juvenile Drug Court
  6. Enhanced Services to the Juvenile Detention Facility
  7. Wrap-Around
  8. Intensive Supervision Caseload
  9. Pathways iCare Alternative Education Program
  10. Placement

The We Are Teens Always Helping (WATAH) group is a diversion program made up of boys and girls, ages 12 to 17 experiencing challenges following the rules at home, in school and/or in the community.

The group meets twice weekly in Roseville and is collaboratively facilitated by Probation Officers and Clients Services Counselors. The program provides youth counseling and educational opportunities focused on motivating positive behavioral changes while reinforcing both personal and community responsibility.