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New Housing Search Tool for Landlords & Tenants

Placer County Housing Authority has a tool to help bridge the gap between landlords looking to rent their properties and tenants in search of properties to rent. The web-based tool allows landlords to list an unlimited number of properties, which subsequently gives tenants immediate access to housing opportunities that fit their needs and that is within their search preferences for housing.

Try the new tool now. Users can choose to set up an optional profile, at no cost to aid in their search process. A profile provides the user with the opportunity to save searches and favorite properties for future use. Property owners can access a database of prospective tenants that are actively looking to rent, match their property with a tenants needs, and then contact the tenant directly. affordablehousing.com also offers free call center support to both owners and tenants.

Users will be directed to an external website over which Placer County has no control. Advertising or other messaging on the affordablehousing.com website do not reflect the views of, or pertain to programs or services provided by Placer County.