Substance Use Services

Placer County utilizes Motivational Interviewing approaches to discuss substance use services with you. This means our services are based on your needs. Whether you are contemplating a change or are ready to take action in your treatment, our staff will meet you where you are at in that process.

We recognize that some people struggle to know if they have a problem, let alone how to access support, while others know they have a problem with a substance. We also recognize that treatment can begin at any point of this journey. Whether you are court referred or feel pressured into treatment, or are coming voluntarily, you will be met with attention, compassion, and respect when discussing any further steps or actions. Placer County staff look forward to helping explore recovery with you. View the substance use services brochure (PDF) for more information.

Organized Delivery System for Drug Medi-Cal

Placer County’s Plan for Implementing an Organized Delivery System for Drug Medi-Cal was approved by the Department of Health Care Services in September of 2017. View the DMC-ODS 1115 Waiver Plan (PDF).

Pregnant/Parenting Substance Users

Pregnant/parenting substance users and pregnant/parenting IV drug users have referral/admission priority to services and treatment.

  1. Screening Clinics


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