Individual Procedures for Claiming Uncashed Warrants


A valid claim must include a signed "Affidavit" for the re-issuance of a Placer County warrant. Each claim must have a separate Affidavit containing the payee name and (current) address, warrant number, issue date, and dollar amount. Payee name, warrant number, issue date, and dollar amount needs to be exactly the same as that shown on the original warrant shown on the website's Unclaimed Warrant Listing.

The following guidelines will outline who is authorized to sign the Affidavit:

Notarized Affidavit

If the dollar amount of the warrant is $1000 or greater, the completed Affidavit must be notarized.

Proof of Officer's Title

If the warrant is payable to an organization, rather than an individual, evidence to substantiate the signer's position within the organization must be provided. Examples of such evidence include the following: a partnership agreement, articles of organization, etc.

Proof of Acquisition (or Merger)

If the warrant is payable to a company that has since been acquired by (or merged with) another company, the acquiring company must provide legal evidence of such acquisition (or merger).

Power of Attorney

If the payee utilizes a third-party agent (such as an asset recovery company) to file a claim, a notarized Power of Attorney must be submitted to the County and signed by the same person who signed the Affidavit(s).