Photographers Guidelines

Taking professional or personal photographs is allowed on the grounds and is free. Please keep in mind some simple rules:

  1. You must register with the Museum Office 530-889-6500.
    Photographers who have registered with the Museums Office and reserved a date/time will have priority over locations.
  2. Park outside the gate, parking on the gravel is reserved for museum visitors.
  3. Please do not move benches or artifacts. If you must move a doormat, please return it.
  4. You need permission from Bonitata Boutique Wine to take photographs in the vineyard. It is very easy to damage a grapevine and you may be liable.
  5. Photographs are not allowed on-site during Living History unless you are a parent, teacher or guardian.

Share & Donate

Also, we'd love to see your photos! You can tag them with #bernhardmuseum so we can find them. And while it is free, feel free to send a donation to:
Placer County Museums
101 Maple Street
Auburn, CA 95603