Property Tax Assessment Appeals

An Assessment Appeal is the formal appeal of your property values to the Assessment Appeals Board and can only be accepted within certain time periods based on type of appeal filed. The 2023 regular filing period will be July 2, 2023 through September 15, 2023.


There is a $40 non-refundable processing fee for each parcel appealed. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Placer County. No credit card payments are accepted.


  • Questions about property values or notices received? Contact the Assessor at 530-889-4300.
  • Questions about paying your taxes? Contact the Tax Collector at 530-889-4120.

Common Appeals

  • Decline in Value: If you disagree with the current year value, file during the Regular Filing Period.
  • Change in Ownership or New Construction: If you disagree with values established, file within 60 days of the date printed on the Supplemental Notice or tax bill (if no notice was received) or File in Regular Filing Period the year your value is first placed on the regular assessment roll, or within the following three years.
  • Roll Change/Escape Assessment/Calamity Reassessments: If you disagree with values established, file by deadline stated on the notice.
  • Penalty Assessments: Only penalties imposed by Assessor can be appealed, not penalties for late payments of taxes. File by deadline stated on notice.

Appeals Process

  1. The Assessment Appeals Board is expected to hear and decide appeals within two years of filing.
  2. Notify the Clerk of any address changes.
  3. Hearing Notice: Written notice will be given at least 45 days prior to hearing.
    Response is required at least 30 days prior to the scheduled hearing date.
  4. Board Action: The Board determines the full value of the property. You will be notified of the decision in writing. The decision of the Board is final.

Learn more about the appeals process.