Rules & Regulations

To better accommodate the needs of the community, the Memorial Hall Board has established these rules and regulations:

  1. All uses of the Memorial Hall must be scheduled, approved and put on the calendar by the Hall Coordinator/Custodian. (No Exceptions)
  2. All property of the hall (such as flags, pictures, displays or other veteran memorabilia) are not to be moved from their locations.
  3. A reservation for hall use is secured upon payment of the rent in accordance with the posted rates for the portions of the hall to be used. All hall users are to be aware that this facilities use is subject to veterans' organizations first right to use. The veteran's organizations first right to use condition shall be removed 60 days prior to the scheduled event.
  4. All users of the hall are required to pay a security deposit. Just prior to the hall's scheduled use, the security deposit is to be submitted to the Hall Coordinator/Custodian and a key will be issued. A copy of the "clean up procedures" will be provided at this time.
  5. Notice of cancellation of a scheduled hall use must be provided to the hall coordinator/custodian at least 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled date in order to avoid a forfeiture of rent.
  6. Door exits shall not be blocked at any time.
  7. The premises must be vacated by 1 a.m. or as directed by the Hall Coordinator/Custodian.
  8. All tables, chairs and other articles are to be returned to their original locations prior to closing the hall.
  9. Users of the hall are required to ensure that the lights are turned off and the windows and doors are secure.
  10. All parties using the hall must provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 to the Hall Coordinator/Custodian.
  11. The key shall be returned to the hall coordinator/custodian on the next business day after the cleaning has been completed.
    1. A memorial hall representative will inspect the hall after the event. An unsatisfactory inspection could result is a partial or complete loss of your deposit.
  12. As of January 1, 1992, no smoking rules apply to all Placer County-owned building.