Child Safety Education & Youth

Child Identification

There is no database with identifying information for children in the event they become missing. Therefore, the responsibility falls on parents to retain identifiable information for children such as current photograph, dental records and DNA. Placer County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) has a publication that outlines how to create a Child ID/DNA Kit at home. Some businesses also provide child identification services including photographing and fingerprinting. Visit the Your Safe Child website .

Child Safety Presentations

Available at the request of non-public schools and youth community groups. CSOs provide age appropriate safety information to children on topics such as stranger danger, 911 and gun safety.

Gun Locks

Supplied by Project Child Safe and distributed at community events by PCSO in an effort to keep children safe from accessing firearms. These cable-style gun locks can be used in autoloading pistols, revolvers, bolt action rifles, autoloading and pump-action shotguns; however, no firearm’s safety or lock can be a substitute for careful gun handling and storage in mechanical or electronic lock boxes or gun safes. Guns often used by minors such as BB/pellet, airsoft and paintball guns can also cause serious injury and precautions should be taken to secure them. Parents are encouraged to inform youth regarding the laws for possession and use of weapons by minors, including “imitation” or “replica” firearms.

Red Ribbon Week

Held annually at the end of October at participating schools throughout the county. PCSO takes the lead in ordering and distributing red ribbon wristbands to unincorporated schools. Throughout the week SROs and CSOs take part in various school activities and provide numerous presentations educating children about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. As budgets permit, CSOs also coordinate with the Placer County Sheriff’s Air Operations Unit to provide an aerial photo flyover of students assembled on a school lawn or field area forming themselves in an anti-drug symbol or message.
Red Ribbon Website 

Ride With Pride

Held during the summer at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn. CSOs schedule members of the sheriff’s office, all with horse riding experience, to present a one day program to children about the care, handling and riding of horses. The event is free for children ages seven to 12 and four separate dates are typically offered.

S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness for Elementary)

Taught by CSOs in unincorporated county public schools in grades Kindergarten through 4. Lessons focus on a variety of topics such as stranger danger, 911, gun safety, dangers of drugs, and cyber safety. Instruction is designed to be age appropriate, encourage problem solving, and allow children to interact with law enforcement in a positive way. School administrators are invited to take advantage of this program each Fall and Spring.

Walk to School

Held annually at the beginning of October at participating elementary schools and coordinated by the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency. Members of PCSO partner with local fire departments, Placer County SAFEkids and national program sponsor FedEx on the day of the event to walk kids to school safely. In addition to encouraging the use of sidewalks and crosswalks, some schools invite CSOs to present the importance of seatbelts, bicycle and additional pedestrian safety information. Visit the Walk to School Website .