No Trespass Letter of Consent


If you are encountering trespassing issues on your property, the Sheriff’s Office offers a “No Trespass - 602” program that allows deputies to respond to your property and address trespass complaints without you needing to be present every time.

By filling out the request form (PDF) and complying with posting requirements, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office is able to act, in absence of the owner, for purposes of enforcing laws against any person found on the private property without the owner's consent or lawful purpose. 

This is an extremely useful tool and is strongly recommended for vacant properties, vacant lots, businesses or any properties upon which public nuisance activity and/or crime problems, including transient activity, drug activity, graffiti, or general trespass, are occurring.


Per section 602(o) of the California Penal Code, in order to be enforceable, this letter must be renewed every year (12 months) if the property is posted.  If the property is not posted, this letter must be renewed every 30 days.  Owners may fill out up to six 30-day 602 letters with dates occurring in one month increments or up to two 12-month letters with dates occurring in one year increments. 

It is the property owners responsibility to keep a current form on file with the Sheriff’s Office. Completed forms must be sent to the Placer County Dispatch Center for filing. Forms can be faxed, mailed, or hand delivered to the front counter at the Auburn Justice Center per instructions.

What is a “Trespass Letter of Consent”?

Law enforcement officers do not normally have the authority to go onto private property, which is not open to the public, and remove individuals or request them to leave without the consent or authority of the property owner. If an officer observes someone on private property when the business is closed, or a problem is reported by someone who does not have the authority to sign a trespass complaint, the officer must contact the person who is legally responsible for the property.

A Trespass Letter of Consent with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office gives deputies permission to act on behalf of the property owner or manager in trespass situations. In addition, deputies who observe trespassers on private property can address the problem immediately, rather than having to wait, contact a property owner or manager, if one can be located, or take no action at all.


If a property owner/agent is present before officers arrive, and the person trespassing is still on the premises, they will need to place the trespassing party under Citizen’s Arrest.