School Resource Presentations

Cyber Bullying / Personal Accountability

This is a dynamic course designed to educate junior high school students (12 to 15 yrs) on some of the risky behaviors currently demonstrated by individuals in their age group. This class includes case studies, video presentations and class discussions. The course addresses such topics as sexting, on line bullying, criminal threats and common school related crimes. It is stressed throughout the presentation that these students are of the age where they will be held accountable for their actions, which can result in school suspension, criminal prosecution and fines.

Internet Safety Presentation

The Placer County Sheriff’s Youth Services Division has created an Internet safety course designed to educate parents and school staff about some of the dangers our children face when using the Internet. This presentation addresses on line predators, cyber bullying, identifying questionable websites and risky online communications. Much of the curriculum offered during the course was provided by Netsmartz  The Internet safety presentation is a 60 to 90 minute course and is usually made to groups of 20 or more.

Site Safety & Lockdown Procedures

The school resource officers work closely with the school districts and each campus in developing site safety plans and lockdown procedures. Our officers assess each campus for possible areas of concern and develop law enforcement and medical response plans along with evacuation procedures.

Substance Abuse & Narcotics Education

The school resource officers tailor the substance abuse education to specific age groups and the needs of each audience. These topics can range from current street-drug trends, prescription medications, introductory type drugs to alcohol and tobacco use. Our officers have power point presentations, videos, educational brochures and paraphernalia displays.
The Sheriff’s Office is currently working with the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement in developing a large scale event that can accommodate up to 800 students. This presentation is a one day event and is geared toward the junior high age student.