Youth Services

Crisis Resolution Center

Crisis Resolution Center Website 

The Crisis Resolution Center provides family services for youth in crisis ages 12 to 17 years of age. Families in crisis with their teens can have their child placed at the Crisis Resolution Center for up to four weeks, while undergoing family therapy and a reunification program. The program is free and confidential. For 24-hour response call.

Full Circle Treatment Center

Full Circle Website 
730 Sunrise Avenue
Roseville, CA 95661 

Full Circle Treatment Center is dedicated to reducing the harmful effects of adolescent substance abuse by providing early intervention for these and other destructive behaviors, supporting healthy families and providing parenting education and ongoing aftercare to promote sustained success. The program utilizes a 10 week intensive period where teens are in attendance 4 times per week for 3 hours per day in the evenings thus allowing them to remain engaged with their school activities and family. They are drug tested three times per week and participate in individual, group and family therapy. Parents are required to attend parenting classes utilizing an evidence based curriculum designed specifically for intervening in difficult teen behaviors. 

Kids First 

Kids First Website 

Auburn Phone: 530-887-3536
Roseville Phone: 916-774-6802

Kids First provides comprehensive family support services to:

  • Help families address specific needs
  • Make referrals to community resources and services
  • Provide individual child, family therapy
  • Provide development education to parents with children aged 0 to 3
  • Support caregivers raising children of relatives or friends
  • Assist families with financial stability
  • Provide parenting classes

Lighthouse Counseling & Family Resource Center 

Lighthouse Counseling Website 

Lighthouse provides counseling, support and family resources, in both English and Spanish, to improve the quality of life to the residents in Placer County.

Parent Project 

Parent Project Website 

 Parent Project offers skill building courses for parents raising difficult, strong-willed, our out-of-control children ages 5 and up. The program has special application to ADD and ADHD issues and provides concrete, no nonsense solutions to even the most destructive adolescent behaviors. To register for the next class, or for more information, call 916-787-HELP. Download the current course schedule 

Placer County Crisis and Emergency Services for Children

If your life is in danger or you need to report an emergency situation, call 911.

 A telephone call can bring help in a crisis. For at-risk children and/or adults in emergencies and crises situations, a special 24 hour, 7 day a week, response program is available by contacting the Children's System of Care Office at one of the telephone numbers listed. Children's System of Care: 916-872-6549 Toll Free:

Placer County Network of Care

Placer Network of Care Website 
The Network is a single, integrated, community-based resource, engaging communities within the county with local programs which support children ages to 0 to 5 and their families to help them enter school healthy and ready to succeed.

Placer County Probation Department - Juvenile Services 

2929 Richardson Drive
DeWitt Center, Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-889-7900

The Juvenile Services Division serves the probation needs of those who have been accused of committing a crime when they were under the age of 18 years. Once on probation, minors will be supervised by officers from this division to enforce the Juvenile Court's orders. Minors can be placed on probation in their own homes or removed and placed in foster homes, group homes, camps, or committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice. The Division receives 2,500 referrals each year from law enforcement agencies on minors who are accused of committing crimes. This Division also operates a juvenile work project which allows juvenile offenders to work eight hours or more under the supervision of the Probation Department.

Placer Sheriff’s Activities League 

Sheriff's Activities League Website 
The Placer Sheriff’s Activities League is a non-profit organization and is engaged in activities and events after school and during the summer three days a week for local youth. The events include mentoring, leadership and promote good decision making through sports and/or presentations. The program also implements a drug and gang prevention environment. The Placer Sheriff’s Activities League is facilitated at Parkside Church in Auburn and is hosted by a Placer County Sheriff’s Deputies with assistance from Placer County Probation, Children System of Care, Latino Leadership Counsel and KidsFirst.

Sacramento Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous 

Sacramento Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous  Website 
SACYPAA serves young people ages 14 to 20 in the Northern California area and by practicing the principles of A.A. through meetings, events, and outreach. Download the current meeting schedule.

Safe Families for Children 

Safe Families for Children Website 
Through Safe Families, parents can arrange for their children to stay with a pre-screened family while they focus on resolving a family or personal crisis and have a need for their children to be placed out of the home and do not have any relatives or friends for support. The program is designed as a community safety net for at-risk families and is a positive alternative to the state welfare system.

Sierra Family Services 

Sierra Mental Wellness Website 
333 Sunrise Avenue
Suite 701
Roseville, CA 95661

Sierra Family Services provides counseling, residential and outpatient treatment, job skill building, employment counseling, and drug testing. Spanish speaking meetings are available. Costs are on a sliding scale.

You Share 

While millions of families struggle to provide stable homes for their children due to limited resources, both social and physical, others have items at home gathering dust, or are able to provide services to those in need. connects families with critical material needs or much-needed services to people who can fulfill those needs.

Mental Health Services 

Placer County Crisis and Emergency Services for Mental Health
If your life is in danger or you need to report an emergency situation, call 911.

A telephone call can bring help in a crisis. For at-risk children and/or adults in emergencies and crises situations, a special 24-hour, 7-day a week, response program is available by contacting Mental Health Services/Crisis Intervention at 916-787-8860 or toll free at 888-886-5401. Or contact Family and Children Services 916-872-6549 or toll free at 866-293-1940. 

Turning Point Community Programs 

Turning Point Community Programs Website 
Turning Point Community Programs  offers psychiatric services, support and advocacy for Placer County residents. The program is client-centered, strength based, and focuses on recovery. Turning Point Community Programs provides intensive mental health services to people who are incarcerated or at risk for contact with the criminal justice system.