Information for Instructors

Due to the recent events regarding COVID-19, effective immediately, The Placer County Sheriff’s Office has decided to cancel all scheduled CCW interviews through April 17, 2020. This unprecedented event will be evaluated as it evolves and cancellations may go beyond April 17th. Staff will do everything they can to contact you via telephone to inform you if your scheduled interview is to be cancelled. Once interviews are resumed, you will be contacted to reschedule your interview as soon as possible. Renewals and modifications will continue to be processed online but all documents must be uploaded to the application. No documents or payments (cash or check) will be accepted at the Auburn Justice Center. Please mail your payments at this time if you are unable to do so online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but the health and safety of the public and the Placer County Sheriff’s staff are our top priority. Thank you for your understanding!The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing a high level of safety for all Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) license holders as well as all citizens of the County. Toward that end, Placer County Sheriff Office has established standards for all instructors of CCW license holders. It is our desire to standardize the minimum required training while still allowing a competitive free market for all instructors.

All CCW applicants and renewal applicants must receive training by a Placer County Sheriff Office approved instructor.

Click here for Minimum Course of Fire Standards that the Sheriff’s Office has adopted under AB2103

New Instructors 

Placer County Sheriff Office only licenses approved CCW instructors to be placed on our Instructor List. To become an approved instructor you must submit, upon request, all of the required documents as set forth in our CCW Instructor Standards (link). 

Additional Information

You may contact the CCW Program Coordinator at 530-889-6929, or fax 530-889-7897- Support Services Administration. The Coordinator will add you to the list of pending instructors. Do not send any documents not requested by the coordinator.

Current Instructors 

You must re-certify every two years (even numbered years) to maintain you position on the approved instructor list. Every two years you will be reminded to submit a current business license, insurance policy, and DOJ instructor certificate. If any other items have been changed since you were first accepted to the list, you must submit the current documents. An example would be that you changed locations of the range or updated your qualification shoot.

Additional Information

If any questions or concerns come up regarding instructor standards, please refer then to the CCW Program Coordinator at 530-889-6929, or fax 530-889-7897- Support Services Administration.