Payroll Assistance

Placer County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Payroll is dedicated to helping IHSS Providers that need assistance with a variety of payroll related issues. IHSS Payroll can aid Providers that have time sheet issues, payroll-related questions, and employment verifications. While we aspire to be a liaison for all IHSS Providers if there is an issue that can’t be resolved at County level we will refer Providers to the appropriate agency.

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Verification of Employment

  • Access your paystubs directly online within the ESP portal - look for the Download Pay Stub button next time you login. 
  • Have you recently applied to get a loan or need your employment/income verified? Please have the third-party requestor, fax over the request, PLUS a release form signed by you to the fax number: 530-886-3690. Please note: This information can only be released directly back to the third-party requestor.
  • Please email [email protected] to request wage summaries that can be directly sent to the provider. May be limited to one request per quarter, per provider, depending on season.

PLEASE NOTE: Allow 5 business days to process any income/employment request. They are processed in the order that they are received.

  • When submitting income requests please make sure your name fully matches what we have in our system, we are unable to process requests that have any name differences. We request you include your provider number on any request forms. Please check your paystub for this information.
  • Altered forms or names that don't match signatures will not be processed. Please resubmit all documents in a new form with all matching information. The time for processing will not start until all information received has been correctly submitted to match our system.
  • These requirements protect providers and their financial information.

Tax Questions & Forms

2023 W-2 Information:

The state will mail out the year-end tax document W-2 2023, by 1/31/2024. If you have not received your W-2 from 2023, and need one, please contact Payroll to confirm your address and 2023 W-2 status. If you have moved, then we do require a change of address to be completed. You must complete this change of address BEFORE any duplicate W-2 requests can be processed. Please visit the Electronic Services Portal to submit an electronic change of address, or complete a paper Change of Address: SOC 840 form and return to the IHSS office for processing.  

Providers with an Electronic Service Portal (ESP) account will be able to download their 2023 W-2 from their ESP account. On the ESP, the provider will log-in to their account and be able to select the year (2023), see a list of recipients they worked for, and download a PDF version of the 2023 W-2, which they can save or print at their convenience. In order to expedite access to 2023 W-2s, ESP Providers should utilize the new download feature and avoid submitting the paper version of the W-2 duplicate reprint forms.

Please note: County IHSS offices will not be able to request duplicate W-2s from the state until after 2/29/24, which will then require additional processing and mail time. The fastest way to get a replacement W-2 is in the ESP after March 5th. If you are unable to access your W-2 in the ESP contact Payroll to submit a paper request.

Online Trainings

Still Have Questions?

Contact the ESP Help Desk toll free at 866-376-7066 during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.  For additional assistance contact Payroll Assistance at 530-889-7135 or by email

IHSS Payroll Locations

Use this address for employment related requests:

Placer County
IHSS Payroll
11512 B Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603
FAX: 530-886-3690

Use this address to make payments or mail in tax forms:

Placer County
IHSS Payroll
101 Cirby Hills Drive
Roseville, CA 95678

TIP: When mailing in forms, please ALWAYS mail to the address on the form. The state processes most payroll forms, so mailing them to our payroll office may cause delays. If you are unsure where you should mail an item of have questions, feel free to email us.