VINE- Victim Notification

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) is a free, anonymous, telephone service that provides two important features- information and notification.


For offender custody information, call 877-331-8463 and follow the prompts or visit their website. VINE will quickly tell the caller if the offender is still in custody. You may call the VINE from any touch-tone telephone, anytime, to check on an offender’s custody status.


Callers may then choose to register for an automatic notification call when an offender has a custody change such as:

  • Escape
  • Home Incarceration
  • Release
  • Transfer
  • Unsupervised status
  • Work Release


To register, callers simply enter the phone number, including area code, where you want to be reached. You will then be asked to enter a Personal Identification Number for use during notification.