Civil Division

 CA Govt Code § 26666.10  (AB 2791): 

CA Govt Code § 26666.10 took effect on January 1, 2024.  New mandated universal instruction forms are now being used to initiate any service.  SER-001 "Request for Sheriff to Serve Court Papers", SER-001A "Special Instructions for Writs and Levies" can be found below under "Letters of Instructions". 

CA Govt Code § 26720, 26736, 26738, 26746 (SB 564): 

Fees for Sheriff have increased.  This includes the Sheriff's debtor assessment fee.  The new fees will be posted below under Service/Fees. 

Sheriff's Public Sales

No active public sales at this time

Civil File Status Portal

In an effort for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division to better serve our community, we are providing our customers with the option to check the details of their civil files online. Use the Civil File Status Portal to find the following information. 

  • Look up existing Civil File Status using the Court Case Number and Levying Officer File Number to view:
    • Involved parties and court information
    • Basic case information and current status
    • Writ details, amounts and interest rates
    • Sheriff's fees and deposits information
    • Collection information and dates
    • Service details, including dates and current status
    • Levy payments and disbursement information

Services / Fees

Fee list of the most common services the Civil Division offers:

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division accepts the following forms of payment only;
Certified or Cashier’s Check, Business Check, Money Order, Cash (U.S. Currency).

Services are no longer accepted via fax. Services may be mailed, or personally delivered to our office at 2929 Richardson Dr, Auburn CA 95603.

Fees must accompany the request for service. We do not process "piece mail". Any check or document that is not mailed together will be returned. 

The Sheriff is entitled to his/her fee for service whether the service is successful or not pursuant to Gov § 26720, 26736, 26738, and 26746.

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