The Placer County Sheriff’s Office, Coroner’s Unit has the unique and imperative responsibility to conduct complete and objective medicolegal investigations surrounding “reportable” deaths within Placer County, the purpose being to determine the circumstances, cause, and manner of death.  

Section 102850 of the CA Health and Safety Code gives the following definitions of circumstances of death that should be reported to the Coroner: 

  • Without medical attendance 
  • During the continued absence of the attending physician 
  • Where the attending physician is unable to state the cause of death 
  • Where suicide is suspected 
  • Following an injury or an accident, either old or recent 
  • Under such circumstances as to afford a reasonable ground to suspect that the death was caused by the criminal act of another 

Additionally the Coroner’s Unit is tasked with determining the identity of the deceased, locating and notifying the legal next-of-kin, and safeguarding personal property.  

As with each county in the state, the functions of the Coroner’s Unit are governed by CA State Government Code 27491, CA H&S Code 102850, and Penal Code, among others. The role of the Coroner’s Unit is to contribute to the safety of our community, pursuit of justice, and most importantly, to provide answers and closure to the loved ones of the deceased.