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Placer County Corrections has taken early and decisive action with regard to protecting its inmates, employees and facility visitors from the COVID-19.  The COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing.  In conjunction with Placer County Public Health Officials and Corrections’ medical provider, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and updating the procedures as needed.  Steps that are in place include:

•    Screening procedures with regard to incoming inmates prior to entering a Placer County Corrections facility.  This includes medical evaluation of all incoming inmates prior to entering a Corrections facility.  If an incoming inmate does not meet with medical guidelines for acceptance, the inmate will be denied admittance and routed by the arresting agency to a hospital for medical clearance.

•    Internal procedures in place through Corrections’ medical provider to respond to an outbreak within the current inmate population, should one occur.  For example, there are negative pressure cells in each facility that can be used to quarantine inmates who are suspected to have COVID-19.  

•    Enhanced procedures with regard to inmate release, including Corrections’ medical provider performing temperature checks and advising released inmates to seek care from their doctor or Emergency Department should they feel any flu like signs or symptoms.

•    Inmates who voluntarily take the COVID vaccine are given a $25 credit, from the Inmate Welfare Fund, on their commissary account.  The Inmate Welfare Fund consists of revenues generated from inmate communication services and other sources.  The fund is utilized for the benefit, education, and welfare of inmates.

•    Providing all inmates with information on preventative measures to keep them healthy.  Inmates are encouraged to practice social distancing when possible; to wash hands on a regular basis; to cover their coughs and sneezes; to avoid touching their hands, faces or mouths; to only touch common areas (such as door handles and rails) when needed; to submit a medical request immediately if they feel any flu-like symptoms; to keep their immune systems strong and to regularly launder their clothing and bedding.

•    Enhanced sanitation protocols in inmate common spaces and inmates have access to individual cleaning and sanitation supplies for their own cells if appropriate.

•    Personal Protective Equipment are available for both staff and inmates, should they need it.

Inmate Information

The Daily Booking and Releasing Report and In-Custody Roster and Inmate Visiting Schedule are available as PDF downloads. Contact us if you have questions on how to search for an inmate (JPG).


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