Pre-Development Meeting

A Pre-Development Meeting is mandatory for all projects requiring a Conditional Use Permit, Subdivision (over 4 lots), General Plan Amendment, Rezone, or Specific Plan prior to submittal of an Environmental Questionnaire, which is the first step in processing a new development application in the unincorporated areas of Placer County. A voluntary Pre-Development Meeting can also be requested for other permits such as Variances, Parcel Maps, Minor Use Permits, etc.

Purpose of Pre-Development Meeting

  • Eliminate the repetitive review cycles that could otherwise occur during the environmental review process
  • Improve communication between the project applicant and County staff
  • Inform the applicant about technical studies and information required before an Environmental Questionnaire will be accepted for filing


  • Applicant completes the Pre-Development Meeting Request Form (DOC) and submits it along with a detailed project description, conceptual site plan, and the required fee to Environmental Coordination Services. 
  • County schedules the Pre-Development Meeting within two to four weeks of application submittal.
  • County will provide the applicant with detailed checklists from all relevant land use departments identifying the technical information and special studies required to submit an Environmental Questionnaire. Supplemental information will be provided describing the level of detail required. Below are examples of the various Department Checklists you may receive following a Predevelopment Meeting.

For those projects not subject to a Pre-Development Meeting (Parcel Map, Variance, Minor Use Permit), please refer to the Environmental Questionnaire for Minor Land Divisions (PDF) (Page 6) for information required to complete the environmental review process.

For further information, contact Environmental Coordination Services by phone at 530-745-3132 or by email.