North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council

Regular Meetings

District 5 MAC meetings are held as needed. To receive information and updates on upcoming scheduled MAC meetings please click here Version OptionsDonner Summit Municipal Advisory CouncilHeadline. You may also visit the meeting calendar or contact the office at 530-889-4010 to confirm meeting dates, times, and locations.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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SeatNameRepresentsTermAppointed ByExpires
1Megan ChillemiAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025
2Nicole LutkemullerAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025
3Rebecca McFaddenAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025
4Gerald HerrickAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025
5Katherine E HillAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025
6Maggie SteakleyAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025
7Eugene RoederAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025
8Don FuldaAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025
9Russell HansonAt-Large2-yearsBoard of SupervisorsJanuary 31, 2025


Nine members at-large, appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members shall, at the time of appointment and at all times during term of office, be residents, property owners of real property, or business owners or managers operating a business within the MAC Boundaries. Failure to maintain such status shall result in a vacancy in office. Members shall be nominated by the Board member representing District Five and be appointed by a majority of the Board of Supervisors.


Municipal Advisory Councils (MACs) are comprised of local residents who advise the Board of Supervisors on issues or concerns. MACs are designed to provide a local public forum where information about land use, transportation and general county information is shared and discussed. Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend MAC meetings to talk about issues that are important to them.

The Municipal Advisory Council may advise the Board of Supervisors on matters that relate to the area served by the Municipal Advisory Council (MAC). The Council shall advise the Board of Supervisors on matters specifically referred to it by the Board of Supervisors for review and recommendation.

Conflict of Interest

  • No


All members of the Council shall serve without compensation.