Human Resources

The Sheriff’s Human Resources Unit is a dedicated unit focused on the needs of the Sheriff’s Office staffing. Essential functions of this Unit include allocation management, employee services, Agency recruitment, Agency safety, liaison with the County Human Resources Department, and labor and employment laws.

The following information is a brief outline of the Human Resources Unit’s functions.

Allocation Management

Management of over 570 permanent allocated positions, tracking unfunded vs. funded positions allocated through the budget process and maintaining current and historical employee assignment, position, and allocation number information.

Employee Services

  • Assistance with employee benefits, retirement, onboarding and retention programs, etc.
  • Issuance of employee identification cards
  • Medical and non-medical leaves of absences
  • New employee orientation
  • Oversight and processing of employee performance evaluations
  • Personal Information changes

Agency Recruitment

Development of advertising notices, web ads, recruitment flyers, coordination and attendance of Job/Career Fairs, oversight of certified eligibility applicant lists, Agency level applicant interviews, providing information regarding the Agency’s recruiting, hiring, classification requirements, and information about our Agency. In addition, our unit provides legal and administrative support to the Background Investigations Unit on forms, questionnaires, and legal notices.  For more information on applying for our Sheriff’s Office, visit our employment portal.

Agency Safety

Oversight of the Sheriff’s Office Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, the Sheriff’s Safety Committee, Emergency preparedness, and regular safety inspections. Act as Agency’s liaison and first contact when assisting County Risk Management, County Human Resources, and other government agencies for Safety compliance and inquiries.

Liaisons to County Human Resources Department

Includes, but not limited to, acting as the department liaison and first contact when assisting County Personnel with day-to-day personnel inquiries, recruitment, and personnel action forms for sheriff’s staff for a variety of actions, applicant certification, position reclassification and staffing issues. All applications for employment are managed through the Placer County Personnel Department; for more information visit our employment portal. 

Labor & Employment Law

Provide information and support to Agency staff navigating the complexities of Labor and Employment Laws; preserving not only our Agency, but also the employee’s rights when it comes to following federal and state anti-discrimination and maternity laws.