The Placer County Sheriff’s Office continuously recruits for qualified volunteers who are willing to donate a minimum of 100 hours per year to support the mission and goals of the Agency and the community it serves. The purpose of the volunteer program is to unite citizens of Placer County interested in helping their community alongside Placer County Sheriff’s staff for the following reasons:

  • Forming a mutual partnership whereby volunteers supplement existing departmental services freeing paid staff to perform other necessary duties.
  • Placing volunteers in projects which best utilize their existing skills, talents, and interest while offering a rewarding challenge, and, in some cases, new skills.
  • Building better community relations by giving citizens of Placer County the opportunity to become more familiar with the services provided by the sheriff’s office, as well as a better understanding of the inner working of the agency.

Areas of Interest Available

Community Services

  • Administrative/Office Work
  • Field Work

Law Enforcement

  • Administration/Management
  • Crime Analysis/Evidentiary process/Investigations
  • Dispatch Services/Records Keeping
  • Other

Types of Volunteer Activities

The following is a list of Sheriff Office activities that can be completed by trained volunteers: 

  • Assist at special events
  • Assist the Vehicle Abatement Program
  • Assist with traffic control
  • Conduct home security and business security surveys
  • Conduct or assist with Neighborhood Watch meetings
  • Conduct tours of the Sheriff’s Office
  • Crime Prevention Resources
  • Data entry, filing, and other clerical duties
  • Fingerprint at community events
  • Help compile and send informational literature to crime
  • Sheriff’s Office Receptionist/front desk assignment
  • Staff Service Centers
  • Transport equipment for repairs
  • victims and neighborhood watch groups

Air Operations Volunteers

Along with Sheriff’s Office employees, the Air Operations Unit relies on both current and former military and commercial pilots, certified flight mechanics, and other aviation professional volunteers to keep the program running efficiently. These volunteers have donated thousands of hours to establish air operations for our Agency. Due to their efforts, the Placer County Sheriff's Office is operating this unit for a fraction of the costs that most major law enforcement air units incur. For more information regarding volunteering for this unit, please visit our Air Operations webpage.

Search & Rescue Volunteers

Placer County Sheriff’s Office personnel work in tandem with some of our most dedicated search and rescue volunteers, all members of our community, to make our Search and Rescue (S.A.R.) invaluable. Each year, numerous S.A.R. missions are carried out in all kinds of conditions by these professionals. Incidents can vary from a missing child in fair weather in a residential neighborhood to a rescue of a trapped skier in blizzard conditions in the harsh wilderness backcountry. Some of our units are recognized world-wide for their accomplishments and professionalism. The Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team is one of these units. 

The Sheriff's Off-Road Motorcycle unit is another decorated unit, recently receiving the California Off-Highway Recreation Commission's Special Unit Award. The Mountain Rescue Team is accredited annually in Mountain Search and Rescue Operations by the Mountain Rescue Association, a National Organization with International Affiliations For further information please contact Katrina Kane at 530-889-7846. To view additional information on specific Search and Rescue Teams and Assignments, visit our Sheriff’s Search and Rescue webpage


The Search and Rescue Unit relies strongly on donations to assist in the rescue operations. If interested in supporting this worthy cause, please send donations to:
P.O. Box 4150
Auburn, CA 95604