Search & Rescue

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The mission of the Placer County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue is to provide dedicated and professional assistance in locating, rescuing, and safeguarding individuals who are lost, injured, or in distress within Placer County and its surrounding areas. Our highly trained and compassionate team is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all community members, visitors, and outdoor enthusiasts. Through proactive search and rescue operations, effective communication, and collaborative partnerships, we strive to minimize the loss of life, prevent further harm, and promote public safety. With unwavering dedication, integrity, and a spirit of service, we endeavor to fulfill our mission and inspire trust and confidence in our community.

Search & Rescue Volunteers

 Jess and LancePlacer County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue (SAR) values the skills and qualifications of its dedicated volunteers who play a crucial role in saving lives and providing assistance during emergencies. Our SAR volunteers possess a diverse range of qualifications and undergo rigorous training to ensure their readiness for any situation. First and foremost, our volunteers demonstrate a strong commitment to public service and have a genuine passion for helping others. They possess excellent physical fitness and stamina, as SAR operations often require extensive hiking, climbing, and traversing challenging terrains in adverse weather conditions. Additionally, SAR volunteers undergo comprehensive training programs, which cover a wide array of essential skills. These skills include wilderness navigation, first aid and medical response, technical rope rescue techniques, avalanche safety, and search management strategies. Volunteers receive training in using specialized equipment such as GPS devices, radios, SARTOPO, and technical gear necessary for their operations.IMG_0967 (1)

Interested in Joining?

IMG_1483 (1)Contact the SAR Coordinator or SAR Recruitment team.

SAR Coordinator Madison Mohar: [email protected] 

SAR Recruitment Team Email: [email protected]

Interested in Supporting?

Placer County Sheriff's Office Search1EBECF1E-2594-459F-BE4B-4622BD51A703 and Rescue (SAR) is a nonprofit organization. Our team relies on community donations to fund essential equipment, training, and operations that enable us to carry out our lifesaving missions effectively. By donating to PCSO SAR, you can help ensure that highly trained and dedicated volunteers are equipped with the necessary resources to respond to emergencies in a timely and efficient manner. Your donation can help support the purchase of vital equipment such as ropes, radios, medical supplies, and specialized vehicles used for search and rescue missions. If you are interested in donating to PCSO SAR please contact the SAR office at (530) 889-7846 or mail your donation to P.O. Box 4150 Auburn, Ca 95604.