Getting Involved

Local government is close to the people it serves, and it works best when you become involved at the local level. 

Municipal Advisory Councils (MAC)

One of the best ways to do this is to learn about your local Municipal Advisory Council. A MAC is a great way to learn about local projects and events. It's also a good place to address and resolve local issues of concern. Municipal Advisory Councils meet regularly in many areas of unincorporated Placer County to discuss local land use, law enforcement and other community issues, and to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and other County agencies.

Not all areas in the county lie within a MAC's boundaries. If you live in an area without a MAC, please work directly with your District Supervisor, and the Board staff, to resolve problems and address concerns. (Of course, even if you live in an area with a MAC, you're welcome to contact your District Supervisor directly.) You are always welcome to attend MAC meetings, to learn what's happening in your community and to give your views to the MAC and, through them, to the Board.

Attend Board & Planning Commission Meetings

  • For a complete list of scheduled Board meetings, call the Clerk of the Board, 530-889-4020 or visit the Board of Supervisors Meeting Calendar.
  • For a complete list of scheduled Planning Commission meetings, call the Planning Department, 530-745-3000 or visit the Planning Commission Agenda page for current agendas.
  • To receive a faxed copy of the Board of Supervisors agenda, call 530-889-6800 and follow the instructions.
  • To see the Board agenda and summary agenda on the web, visit the Board's page.

You may speak on any item not on the Board's or the Commission's agenda during the Public Comment portion of their meetings, which occur within the first few minutes of each meeting. You may also comment on many other items of business on the agenda.

Write, fax, email, visit or phone your Supervisor to provide information and learn what's happening.