Revenue Sharing

Non-profit and community-based organizations may submit funding requests through Placer County’s Revenue Sharing Program for events, fundraising efforts, specific programs and projects, supplies, facility improvements and equipment. Funding is not provided for staffing costs or core budget needs. 

Individual members of the Board of Supervisors may nominate organizations that provide a community service and serve a beneficial community purpose through various public activities for varying amounts of revenue sharing funds. Typically Revenue Sharing requests range from $100 to $2,500. Such requests for funds must be placed on the Board’s public meeting agenda and be approved by the entire Board of Supervisors.

In approving the revenue sharing contributions on the Board’s agenda, the Placer County Board of Supervisors finds that each and every approved contribution serves a public purpose by promoting the general welfare of the County and its inhabitants and therefore a benefit results to the County.

Request Revenue Sharing Funds

Requests for Revenue Sharing funds must include a detailed description of how funds would be used and include the signature of the appropriate representative for your organization. Applicants are encouraged to submit additional information or material in support of your request for funding. The request must be accompanied by a completed application (PDF) form as well as completed W9 (PDF) and  590 (PDF) tax forms. Requests from non-profit organizations must also include a Tax Identification Number.

Requests may be submitted to the Board of Supervisors Office via US Mail, via email or by using the online submission form. 

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Mailing Address:

Placer County Board of Supervisors
175 Fulweiler Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603

Comment on Active Revenue Sharing Requests

The public is encouraged to comment on Revenue Sharing requests. When offering comments, please note the following guidelines:

  • When submitting a comment, name and address must be included. Only comments that can be attributed to an individual will be posted. Address will not be posted online.
  • Placer County reserves the right to edit comments so they are pertinent to either the Revenue Sharing Program or a specific application.
  • Placer County will not post public comments that contain vulgar language, inappropriate links, or personal attacks.

Review of Eligible Requests 

Compliance with regulations on the permissible use of public funds and the availability of resources are factors that contribute to a District Supervisor’s decision whether or not to make a recommendation for approval. It is, however, required that a majority vote of the Placer County Board of Supervisors approve any Revenue Sharing requests.

Revenue Sharing Funds by Supervisorial District

The County Executive Office maintains a fiscal-year database for revenue sharing funds allocated by Supervisorial District. The database is updated after each Board meeting and is available by contacting the Board of Supervisors office.

Unfunded Requests

The Board of Supervisors receives numerous revenue sharing requests during the fiscal year. All eligible revenue sharing requests received are reviewed by the District Supervisor. However, not all requests are recommended for funding. Board members have the discretion to recommend requests for approval. Unfunded request applications are kept on file for one year in the Board of Supervisors’ office and are available online.

Previously Funded Requests

Previously funded Revenue Sharing requests can be viewed here