Vehicle Release

The Sheriff’s Public and Records unit is responsible for collecting fees and releasing the following towed vehicles:

  • Abandoned
  • Impounded vehicles 5, 10, 15, and 30 day holds
  • Recovered
  • Repossessed
  • Towed and Stored (no hold)

No releases on holidays.

Next Steps

There are two steps to getting your car released:


Call 530-889-7812. This is so we can give accurate, updated, and specific information on the release of your vehicle. We can save you the trip to the office if the vehicle can not be released until a specific date.


When coming to the office make sure you have the following with you:

  • If you are taking possession of the vehicle on behalf of the registered owner, you will need them to complete the following form provided along with a copy of their photo identification.
  • Permission to obtain vehicle (PDF) 
  • Current/Valid Registration and/or Moving Permit or Temporary Operating permit
  • Valid drivers license or a driver with a valid drivers license
  • Fees in exact cash - $75 to be paid to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office
  • A copy of the vehicle tow report is helpful

Fee Note

In addition to the Sheriff’s fees, tow companies charge daily storage fees. As fees may vary please check with the tow company for the actual charge.