Sunset Area Plan - Placer Ranch Specific Plan

In 2019, Placer County completed an update of the 1997 Sunset Industrial Area Plan, now called the Sunset Area Plan (SAP), and also included the Placer Ranch Specific Plan (PRSP). The County certified an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the SAP/PRSP to satisfy the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code [PRC] Section 21000 et seq.).

The SAP identifies a higher density mix of labor- and employment-intensive uses with an emphasis on innovation and creativity. Nested within the SAP, the Placer Ranch Specific Plan (PRSP) includes a mixed-use town center, commercial and office uses, a university site, and a diverse housing mix.

The 8,497-acre SAP area, which includes the 2,213-acre PRSP is located between the cities of Rocklin to the east, Roseville to the south, and Lincoln to the north.

Future projects proposed within the approved SAP/PRSP area will be analyzed to determine conformance with the Area and/or Specific Plans, and the SAP/PRSP EIR. When the analysis concludes that a project conforms, not further environmental review will be required. When the analysis concludes that additional environmental review is necessary, results of the environmental review, and any corresponding environmental document, will be posted here. 

Placer Commerce Center - The Placer Commerce Center project (PCC or project) is a Master Plan that would consist of light industrial, research and development, accessory warehousing, distribution, and limited commercial and service uses on lands zoned as Innovation Center (IC) and Entertainment Mixed Use (EMU). The project site is located in the western portion of the County of Placer, on the east and west sides of Foothills Boulevard North south of Athens Avenue. The site consists of a total of approximately 393.78 acres. An Addendum to the SAP/PRSP EIR has been prepared and is available below.

  1. Placer Commerce Addendum 2022
  2. Final EIR 2019
  3. Draft EIR 2018
  4. Notice of Preparation 2016

Addendum to the SAP/PRSP EIR - Placer Commerce Center