Sunset Area Plan - Placer Ranch Specific Plan

Placer County is proposing to update the 1997 Sunset Industrial Area Plan. The proposed plan update, now called the Sunset Area Plan, includes the proposed Placer Ranch Specific Plan. The County has prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project to satisfy the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code [PRC] Section 21000 et seq.) and serves as the lead agency for CEQA compliance.

Project Description

The SAP identifies a higher density mix of labor- and employment-intensive uses with an emphasis on innovation and creativity. Nested within the SAP, the proposed Placer Ranch Specific Plan (PRSP) includes a mixed-use town center, commercial and office uses, a university site, and a diverse housing mix.

Project Location 

The 8,497 acre SAP area, which includes the 2,213 acre PRSP area comprised of Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 017-063-042-000, 017-063-043-000, 017-020-018-000, 017-020-019-000, 017-063-040-000, 017-063-039-000, 017-063-012-000, 017-063-045-000, 017-063-046-000, is located between the cities of Rocklin to the east, Roseville to the south, and Lincoln to the north, and unincorporated Placer County to the west. The SAP/PRSP is currently zoned Agricultural 20 Acre Minimum, Agricultural 80 Acre Minimum, Business Park, Commercial, Industrial, Open Space, Public Facility, Public Facility / Agricultural 80 Acre Minimum. If approved, the SAP Implementing Zoning, and PRSP will supersede and replace all existing land use and zoning within the SAP/PRSP boundary.

The October 2019 Sunset Area and Placer Ranch Specific Plans can be found here.

11/21/19 Planning Commission PowerPoint presentation 

12/10/19 Board of Supervisors PowerPoint presentation

For more information regarding the project, please contact Crystal Jacobsen, at (530) 745-3085.

  1. Final EIR
  2. Draft EIR
  3. Comments on DEIR

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