Search and Rescue Teams

  1. Communications
  2. Dog Team
  3. Four Wheel Drive Team
  4. Ground Search
  5. Incident Command Support Group
  6. Motorcycle
  7. Mountain Rescue
  8. Mounted Team
  9. Tahoe Nordic Team

The purpose of the Placer County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Communications team is to ensure effective and reliable communication during search and rescue operations, enabling seamless coordination, timely information sharing, and the safe and successful recovery of individuals in need.

Our dedicated team of skilled communicators and technicians utilize advanced technology, specialized equipment, and comprehensive training to establish and maintain robust communication networks in challenging and remote environments. With a commitment to professionalism and adaptability, we serve as the vital link between search teams, incident command, and external agencies, facilitating the exchange of critical information, coordinating resources, and providing essential support to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of search and rescue operations. Through our unwavering dedication, we strive to maximize the safety of both responders and those in need, fulfilling our mission of safeguarding the community and saving lives.