Deputy George W. Martin

Deputy George Martin was murdered in the line of duty on July 11, 1859. Several deputies, including Deputy Martin, came under fire from the infamous outlaw “Rattlesnake Dick” Barter and his gang while attempting to arrest them in Auburn. Deputy Martin was shot and killed and Undersheriff Johnston was wounded. Barter was shot twice and badly wounded by Deputy Crutcher, but able to flee on horseback. 

The next morning, a posse led by Deputy John Boggs located the murderer’s body on the side of the road near the Junction House; a stagecoach stop in Auburn (the present day intersection of Lincoln Way and Foresthill Road.) The outlaw had committed suicide after being wounded in the shootout. 

A note found with his body indicated that he mistakenly believed he had killed his nemesis, Deputy John C. Boggs. It read, “If J. Boggs is dead, I am satisfied.”