Whitehawk I & Whitehawk II

Whitehawk I (WHI) would involve the development of a 24-unit Planned Residential Development (PD) and Whitehawk II (WHII) would involve the development of a 55-unit PD. Both projects would require Granite Bay Community Plan land use map amendments and rezoning to accommodate the proposed residential densities. The proposed project sites are located on the south side of Douglas Boulevard, generally east of Sierra College Boulevard and west of Barton Road, within the Granite Bay Community Plan area of Placer County, California. The 18.09-acre WHI project site is identified by Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 048-151-001, and the 32.97-acre WHII project site is identified by APN 048-151- 061.

Placer County is the lead agency for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed WHI and WHII projects in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Section 15082.

Placer County previously prepared separate Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declarations (IS/MNDs) for the Whitehawk I (WHI) and Whitehawk II (WHII) projects. The IS/MNDs were made available for public review from November 2, 2016 to December 2, 2016. Following the closure of the comment period, the County, in coordination with the applicant, decided to prepare a single EIR to evaluate the potential physical environmental effects of both the Whitehawk I and Whitehawk II projects.

Although the County has elected to evaluate both projects in a single EIR, it is reasonable to consider WHI and WHII as separate projects under the independent utility test, given that each proposal has independent utility and is not necessary for the other to proceed. Notwithstanding this, in addition to evaluating the impacts of each project separately, the EIR will also evaluate the impacts of the two projects combined.A Notice of Preparation of an EIR is to provide responsible agencies and interested persons with sufficient information in order to enable them to make meaningful comments regarding the scope and content of the EIR.

For more information regarding the project, please contact Christopher Schmidt, Senior Planner, by phone at 530-745-3076 or by email.

  1. Addendum to EIR
  2. Final EIR
  3. Draft EIR
  4. Notice of Preparation of EIR

Addendum to EIR, March 2020