Placer County Government Center Master Plan Update

The proposed Placer County Government Center (PCGC) Master Plan Update is a Placer County-initiated update to its 1993 Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan for the PCGC and establishes a long-term vision and ongoing facilities-planning guide for capital improvement projects at the PCGC campus with a 20-year planning horizon. The PCGC Master Plan Update Vision is to create a balanced campus which positions the Placer County Government Center to more efficiently provide services to the community, provide a vital and compelling work environment, and support the area’s economic vitality. The PCGC Master Plan Update describes the development context and guiding principles for this planning effort. It also presents an assessment of the existing conditions and use of the campus, and identifies the anticipated site and use needs. The recommended PCGC Master Plan Update is supported by assessments and planning for transportation and circulation, infrastructure and utilities, landscape and open space, economic development, and zero net energy and water planning. The PCGC Master Plan Update process will also include development of architectural and landscape design guidelines and a phasing and implementation plan. These plan elements will provide the County with a guide for implementing priority facility and infrastructure projects over time. In addition to the PCGC Master Plan Update’s primary focus on future development of County facility functions and supporting infrastructure, the PCGC Master Plan Update will also evaluate the County's Fulweiler Avenue services, in the City of Auburn, for a potential future relocation to the PCGC. Another PCGC Master Plan Update focus is the evaluation and determination of County and private land use development areas at the campus.

Placer County is the lead agency for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed PCGC Master Plan Update in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Section 15082.

For more information regarding the project, please contact Paul Breckenridge, at (530) 889-6892 or email [email protected]

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  2. Final EIR
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