Tahoe - Capital Improvements Division

The Capital Improvements Division of Facilities Management is responsible for the design and construction of all Placer County facilities.

Cabin Creek Department of Public Works Operations & Maintenance Facility

Construction is under way for the new Department of Public Works (DPW) Operations and Maintenance Facility at Cabin Creek. This project will provide for the consolidation of the County’s Tahoe-area Public Works Road Maintenance and Operations and TART Transit operations at one location. Currently, TART is located at Cabin Creek, and DPW operates from Burton Creek Drive, off Highway 28.


The new facility will provide two, pre-engineered metal buildings:

  • 3,307 square foot sand storage building
  • 12,832 square foot maintenance building

Additional Details

Parking for staff and facility equipment will also be on-site. The estimated total project cost is $8.9 million. In order to provide timely and efficient snow removal, the County will stage equipment at a number of locations in the Tahoe area.

In order to provide timely and efficient snow removal, the County will stage equipment in the Tahoe Basin area.

Relocation of the DPW to Cabin Creek will allow for the design and development of the Burton Creek site for the new Burton Creek Justice Center.

Burton Creek Justice Center

A new Justice Center is currently in the early stages of architectural programming and design. This new center will be built on the land that becomes available once the DPW Operations and Maintenance Facility is completed at Cabin Creek. The new Justice Center will provide Tahoe area residents with a facility for public safety and justice services through 2030 and beyond.


Planning for this project will occur over the next 3 to 5 years. The design concept includes combining the following services into one location:

  • 1 trial court with associated support
  • 8-bed type 2 jail
  • 911 dispatch
  • Administration
  • District attorney
  • Investigations
  • Minimum security inmate house
  • Patrol
  • Probation
  • Sheriff

Project Phasing

The project phasing is anticipated to allow for the continued operation of the existing facility during the construction of the new Justice Center. Upon completion, the original building will be demolished to provide appropriate parking for the new facility.

The project is currently in the preliminary design phase, so check this website for additional updates and information.