Cabin Creek Biomass Energy Facility

Project Overview

Early on in implementation of the Biomass Utilization Program, it was recognized that having a market for woody biomass would provide economic assistance and incentive for completing the kinds of forest management and fuels reduction projects that are needed to reduce the threat and impacts of high intensity wildfire. Further, it was recognized that biomass energy facilities represent a viable and proven option for providing such a market for biomass. That led to the planning for a biomass energy facility that would create a market for woody biomass being created in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Planning is now complete, and the County is developing an approach to finance and install a new small-scale combined heat and power facility at the "Cabin Creek" site on land owned by Placer County near the Town of Truckee in eastern Placer County. This facility will utilize technology that is powered entirely by woody biomass - a green renewable fuel generated as a byproduct of forest management and hazardous forest fuels reduction activities-to generate electricity 24/7 for distribution in eastern Placer County. It is hoped the facility will be operational in the 2014 to 2015 time frame. The facility will also provide an opportunity to demonstrate the use of excess heat in the facility building and to melt snow on the roof, road, and sidewalks of the site.