National Film Preservation Board

Library of Congress & the National Film Registry

The First Selections 1989 to 1993

Congress and the Library of Congress established the National Film Registry in 1989 as a way to preserve film works of enduring importance to American culture. The National Film Preservation Board consists of film scholars, historians, critics, and includes acclaimed directors, actors, cinematographers and other accomplished individuals from the entertainment industry. The Board first met in 1989 at the UCLA Film and TV School when they selected the first 25 titles of import. They have convened every year since, adding to the list.

Shot in Placer County

Four films in the first 110 titles they selected were shot in Placer County (Greed, A Place in the Sun, The Gold Rush, and The Godfather Part 2). Those titles are also indicated in the tables.

Additional Information

Visit the Library of Congress Website so you can find more about the Registry, other films on the list, and how you can participate.