Disease , Outbreak and Animal Bite Reporting For Providers

Mpox information for clinicians and the public


Clinicians are legally required to report Title 17 Diseases (PDF) to the Placer County Health Department. Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) in children under 5 years old is also a locally reportable disease and should be reported to the Placer County Health Department.


Laboratories are legally required to report positive testing results from the list of Reportable Laboratory Conditions (PDF) to the Placer County Health Department. Instructions on when to report and how to report can be found on page 2 in the Reportable Laboratory Conditions list.

Congregate Settings

Outbreaks in congregate settings -- including schools, childcare programs and residential care settings -- must be reported to the Health Department immediately.

  1. Confidential Morbidity Report
  2. Reporting Animal Bites
  3. Reporting HIV/AIDS
  4. Reporting Outbreaks


Electronic Disease Reporting

California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE) allows medical providers to submit CMR Forms electronically through the statewide secure web-based reporting system. If you are interested in becoming a CalREDIE user, please complete section 1 of the CalREDIE Reporter Account Authorization Form (PDF). The form may be submitted to Placer County Public Health via fax at 530-886-2945. For further information or to submit form via email, please call 530-889-7183 and ask to speak to the CalREDIE liaison.

Animal Bite Reports cannot be submitted through the CalREDIE system. Animal Bite Reports must be faxed within two hours to 530-886-5515.