Vital Statistics


As you all know, the COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly both locally and nationally. The Placer County Executive Officer has recommended a temporary closure of non-essential citizen-facing services.

Starting Tuesday, March 17, the Vital Statistic window will be closed. Staff will work from home. One staff will work in the office limited hours to follow recommendations of social distancing.

The window closure will be in effect through March 29, or extended, as necessary.

Medical Marijuana Program and Out-of-Hospital Birth appointments are suspended until further notice.

Phones will be answered from the hours of 8am to 5pm daily.

Placer County Vital Statistics Office is able to provide certified copies for the deaths in Placer County for the current and prior year. Deaths that occurred prior to that may be obtained at the Clerk Recorders Office.

Attention: The Placer County Public Health Department no longer sells birth certificates to the public. Please contact the Placer County Clerk Recorders Office.

Birth & Death Certificates Outside of Placer County

Obtain a certificate registered from:

Applications & Fees (Pursuant to AB 1053)

Application Topic
Birth Certificate - English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF)
Death Certificate (PDF)
Death Certificate In Person (PDF)
Fetal Death Certificate (PDF)
Still Birth Certificate (PDF)
Disposition (Burial) Permit
Medical Marijuana Card Program (MMP)
Marijuana Medi-Cal Card